graffEats is a of word-of-mouth, upscale dining event; hosting artists, artisan producers, wine and beer makers, live musicians and complete strangers under the common bond of delicious food coming straight from the soul. Run by chef Blair Warsham, who has cooked for some of the best chefs in the US and Europe, including 11 Madison Park’s Daniel Humm, graffEats’ intention is to create little, fleeting, unforgettable moments and a bit of a culinary roller coaster.

Noise Pop sprang to life in 1993. It was originally a single night in a small club showcasing the best of the burgeoning underground San Francisco music scene. It has since developed into one of the country’s leading independent music festivals, achieving grassroots and critical success, as well as international recognition. Noise Pop maintains a reputation for launching many small bands’ successful careers, including some of the most influential artists of the last twenty-one years, such as The White Stripes, Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, and The Shins.